How To Prevent Rodents From Damaging Electrical Wires


Have you ever discovered a chewed wire in your home. It seems to be something that unpreventable at one time or another, rodents!! I know I’ve had chewed wires in my home as well as in my vehicles. Sometimes those pesky little rodents seem to be like Houdini and find ways to your electrical wires somehow and just have to have it! In this article I will discuss ways to prevent rodents from damaging your electrical wires.

So let’s start off with a question, why do rodents chew on the wiring in homes?

Well rodents usually chew on anything around to control the length of their incisors. Fun fact, however, not so much fun when it happens in your home. Not only are chewed wires frustrating, it can cause serious harm not only to you but your home. If you think “oh it will be fine” think again!
Chewed wires can create power surges which can cause permanent damage to your appliances. If you want to wait after finding a chewed and torn up wire, DON’T, as if left unchecked for cause serious damage to your entire electrical network. The biggest risk of all has already been stated, but because this is the most serious I will reiterate, an unexposed electrical wire can sometimes become in contact flammables which will result in electrical fire. So now that I have went over the reasons and dangerous of leaving a chewed electrical wire unchecked and not fixed, let me get back to my point of the article.

How can you stop rodents from chewing on Electrical Wires?
So there are things you can do to prevent rodents from entering your home, for example, traps. Sometimes, however, this proves to be unreliable as some rodents still seem to be able to enter a home. There is, unfortunately, no quick fix and the things I am going to go over are mostly prevention tools on how to keep rodents out and keep them from chewing your electrical wires.

1. Routinely clean accessible crawl spaces and other small areas in your home such: attics, old cupboards, or anything that could provide a nesting place. This will prevent nesting and help you spot an issue early if one arises.

2. Repair holes and cracks. Have you been putting off a repair to a cracked door? Your home is temperature controlled, full of food, no predators, and this is an easy way for rodents to get in. Don’t put that off any longer!

3. Limit access to your roof. Hanging branches could be an opportunity for that pesky rodent to get in your home.

4. Avoid biodegradable storage. Store trash indoors in a tamper-proof receptacle, or in a separate structure. Left over dinner could be calling the rodents straight to your home!

These are all things to do to prevent rodents from entering your home. Now if you happen to have a rodent problem call a pest-control specialist right away! The longer you wait the more and more damage and money it will take to remove the problem. Rodents chewing on your electrical wires is no joke and could be dangerous.

So if you are ready to ensure your homes electrical wires are not chewed or if you have recently found a chewed wire call an electrical professional (like us!) to inspect your wiring as soon as possible and ensure your home is safe for you and your family. Damaged wiring left damaged can be very costly. The experts at Daniel’s Electric would love nothing more than to assist, bringing you the expertise and service you need to set your wiring right. Contact us to learn more.


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