5 Facts About Electricians

Facts About Electricians, electricians work very hard to become professionals in a field that is very important. Electricity keeps your home warm, your food cold, and provides light when needed. Here are some fun facts about electricians that many people do not know.


1. Master Electricians Train Nearly As Long As Doctors

Experience is definitely very important when dealing with electricity. In the electrical field, there is no room for error. To earn the title Master Electrician you need to train, either in a classroom or from hands on experience for at least eight years.

Electricians need to be technical and have critical thinking skills because sometimes we encounter customers who have created dangerous situations in their homes or businesses, because they do not fully understand how electricity works. Electricians need to be able to figure out the issue(s) quickly as to not cause any harm to themselves, the individual, or the property. Safety is always number one, however, electricians must quickly address the issue at hand to ensure the home or business complies to the strict electrical codes.


2. Electricians Usually Have A Speciality

Residential – Handles all electrical needs within a home. This includes electrical circuit breakers, fixing or installing new wall outlets, and installing new fans in your home.

Commercial – Handles all electrical in buildings such as, restaurants, theaters, schools, and possibly state government projects.

Industrial – Handles all electrical in places like factories, processing plants, and manufacturing.

Outside Electrician – Handles all electrical outside, these electricians work with substations, transformers, and the lines that run underground or on a pole.


3. Electricians Need To Have Good Critical Thinking Skills

Sometimes customers try to take matters into their own hands and repair or fix electrical issues in their homes, in situations like this, electricians need to have critical thinking skills because 1. Electricians need to asses the issue quickly as to keep everyone involved safe. 2. Electricians need to be able to fix the issue as quickly as possible. 3. Electricians need to ensure safety of themselves as well as the home and homeowner as any type of mistake could cause serious injury.

4. Many Electricians Are Going Green

Electricians need to be at the forefront of all new technologies such as solar panels. They need to be able to keep up with the demand. Like technology, electrical is always changing. Electricians need to be able to keep with all electrical codes to ensure they are doing their work properly and meeting all of the mandatory codes.


5. Electricians Need To Be In Shape

Electricians need to be in shape because they usually have to go in to tight spaces in order to get the job done. They are constantly entering crawl spaces, attics, and under homes in order to fully complete the customers electrical needs. In order to be able to do some of these things electricians need to be in shape to do so.


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