The Electrical Circuit Breaker Panel


Circuit breakers is the heart of a home or businesses electrical system. It is an integral part to maintaining the safety of a home or business. What they do is ensure that if there is an overload of electricity or electrical fault, the flow of electricity is stopped before it can cause any damage or cause electrical shock. Without a fully functioning electrical panel, nothing in a home will work.


If you have not upgraded your electrical panel recently, it could be dangerous. Older models are not built to withstand the needs of today’s electrical needs.

According to the Consumer Safety Institute there are two major panels that should be upgraded as faults have been identified with both electrical panels.


  1. Federal Pacific Electrical Panel – They may not pass updated safety codes and regulations. If you have a panel that is more than 15 years old and haven’t had it serviced by an electrician this could be hazardous as they could not work properly in protecting an electrical system from overheating. They have also been reported to have been designed with defects. They could have loose connections which could cause melting instead of tripping the wires to indicate a problem. They could also have manufacturing defects. The materials that were used may be weak. Again, this could result in the breakers not tripping and the panel could start a fire.
  2. Zinsco Panel Boxes – These panels are obsolete today. Again like the Federal Pacific Electrical Panels they could have design defects, could be unsafe for homes, and could possibly not pass safety codes and regulations.


This is old information, however, could still be an issue in some homes. If you haven’t heard about it, it will be a good idea for you to look in to upgrading as not doing so could cause damage to your home. If you are unsure if your electrical panel can handle the electricity your home needs or if you have a panel listed above call us and we would love to be sure everything is up to code in your home.


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