Electrical Safety Advice for Kids and their Parents


If you have children you know they get curious. Have you ever had to stop your child from inserting a fork into a electrical wall outlet? I know when my kids were growing up I had to do that. Luckily now there is new technology which helps prevent children from inserting something into the electrical outlets. The wall outlet prevents anything from going in when only one side has something in it. This type of electrical wall outlet is now apart of New Mexico’s electrical code. Every new home will have these! In older homes though if you have children these types of wall outlets are a must! It is very dangerous to insert something into an electrical socket. Here are some things you should definitely be teaching children when it comes to electricity. I will discuss things that should be taught to all children to prevent electrical shock or even possible electrocution. I will go over different things that should not be done in various different rooms.



  1. Never take plugged in electrical items into the bathroom. Water and electricity are very dangerous together.
  2. Always dry yourself before touching switches or electrical items – you could get an electric shock or even be electrocuted.
  3. Never touch electrical things with wet hands – you could get an electric shock.


  1. Never leave electrical things on when you are not using them – or when you go to bed
  2. Always keep drinks away from electrical things – you could get an electric shock.
  3. Don’t let cords from electrical items trail across the floor.
  4. As stated above NEVER stick anything into the holes of a socket – you could get an electric shock
  5. Always get an adult to change light bulbs.

Living Room

  1. Never overload an adaptor – it could cause a fire
  2. Never put lit candles on topic of electrical items – it could cause a fire.
  3. Again in the living room – Don’t let cords from electrical items trail across the floor.


  1. Cords should never be near or on the stove.
  2. Do not let your child stick something in the toaster – no not even to get the stuck toast out.
  3. Same as from the bathroom – Never touch anything electrical with wet hands.
  4. Unless old enough – never let your child put something in the washing machine, dryer, or microwave without you.
  5. Irons are hot.


  1. Always make sure an adult uses an ‘RCD’ with electrical garden tools to prevent electric shock or even electrocution.
  2. Outside in the pool? Always make sure you dry yourself before touching anything electrical.


These things are just some things that should be talked about with kids. I know how kids can be very curious. Let’s make sure they stay safe by teaching them the fundamentals about how to stay safe with electricity. These are common sense things that everyone should be doing not just for kids. Just a friendly reminder to stay safe when it comes to electricity.


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  • I really like that you talked about electrical safety throughout the home. I think that a lot of people don’t even think about how their bathroom can be a dangerous place, but it really can be if you aren’t careful. Do you have any other tips about electric safety? What about finding a good electrician if you have some kind of hazard in your home?


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