Zapped! How Not To Get Electrocuted!

Nowadays there is a ton of information to be found on the internet. With the internet it has become increasingly easier to get into contact with a professional, not just a phone call away but a click. We can learn so much from online, however, here are some electrical projects where you should definitely call an electrician.


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Electrical Upgrades

You are making electrical upgrades, such as an addition to your home or business, there are many different codes that need to be met when wiring a home or business. It’s easier to just leave this to the professionals, similar to those at Daniel’s Electric.

Old Wiring

When you have old wiring. There are many beautiful older homes, especially here in Santa Fbad electrical wiring imagee. In order to keep those homes beautiful it’s always good to check the wiring of older homes because issues could potentially be dangerous. Older homes typically do not have the wiring capable of running our newer age electronics and should be updated. It is recommended to do annual checks on your electrical system to ensure it is still in proper working order.

Building a New Home

Building a home from the ground up requires a lot of electrical wiring and is always good to call the professionals. As stated above lots of electrical codes need to be met when building a new home.

Adding Fixtures

Adding a new outlet requires a professional as adding new electrical wiring to your home electrical system can be tricky and dangerous. Never add new fixtures yourself.

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Buying or Selling a Home

It’s always a good idea to have an electrician look at the wiring of the home, as electrical issues could mean a lot of money down or could potentially be dangerous if not fixed right away. Home inspectors can only give their opinion when inspecting electrical wires. It’s definitely advised to call a professional in this regard as sometimes the issues with electrical wiring is not always obvious.

Lights Flickering

Does your light flicker on and off sometimes when you turn it on? Does the light not turn on at all? This could potentially mean a wiring issue within your home or business. This is not something that you should put off, as it could lead to something more serious.


This list includes the more common projects in which you would need to hire an electrician. If you are unsure of whether you need to hire an electrician, give us a call or simply fill out the quote form for a specific project or fill out the contact us form just to ask us a question. We always respond in a timely manner and appreciate your feedback and time you have spent reading this.


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