Reasons To Update Your Electrical Outlets and Wall Plates

You only think of Electrical Outlets when you need to plug something in. Wall outlets are usually not the first thing you think about when updating your home. If you haven’t replaced your wall outlets since you bought your home, it’s time to upgrade as you are missing out on the newest technologies. Here are some reasons to update your electrical outlets.


They are cracked

Not only are cracked outlets a fire hazard, because dust, link, hair, and dirt can all accumulate behind a cracked outlet, which could eventually start a fire. It also doesn’t look that appealing, especially if you wanting to sale your home.


They have been Painted Over

When remodeling sometimes it’s very time consuming to have to tape of the outlets to paint. I know I’ve been in a hurry to paint and didn’t want to tape the outlets. Painted over wall outlets look ugly and it’s a hazard. Paint can end up in the outlet while plugging things in and cause issues.


Outlets look burned

Do your outlets look burned? This could mean that you have a hot wire. This means that more electricity is traveling through the wire then is needed and is causing the burnt look on the wall outlet. If this is the case it could mean that you need rewiring done or the wiring needs to be replaced. This is definitely not something you should ignore.



These are just some reasons to update your wall outlets. I would love to display your personally designed wall outlets on my website. If you send me pictures and give me permission to post them on this blog. Give everyone some ideas on what types of different things can be done to make the wall outlets, something that is used everyday, look awesome! Reach out to me by email at


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