How to Spot a Rogue Electrician

We have shared information on things to look for in a bad electrician. Here are some things to look for in spotting rogue electricians.

1. Be on the lookout when an electrician or builder for that matter gives you an extremely low quote or estimate. Also if they are very persistant about starting the job right away. No matter how urgent be sure to make sure the builder or electrician is trustworthy. If you get a proper quote and someone willing to estimate the job in writing are good things to look for. 

2. Beware of electricians that are not willing or wanting to share more information about their business, such as the landline phone number, address if they have a physical location, references or website. If you are suspicious go online and see if the electrician is trustworthy. At Daniel’s Electric we are open and display all this information on our website at, great electricians, like us, have nothing to hide.

3. If the builder or electrician asks for money upfront and claims it’s to cover costs, this is not a good sign at all. Electricians and builders should have the funds to cover the initial costs. Always make sure they do things exactly as you have been quoted.

4. If a builder claims to work for a company with a good reputation, it’s OK to double check that information. If the person doesn’t look and behave professionally, those should be warning signs.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people try to take advantage of others. The best way to protect yourself is to be diligent when looking for someone to hire regardless of electrical contractor or a different type of contractor. These tips will help keep you safe when looking to hire someone.

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