Summer Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

We were asked to do a subsequent article to our Electrical Safety Advice for Kids and their Parents article found here:

Here are some more electrical safety tips for kids, school’s out for summer, and that means that kids are out having fun in the backyard, the local pool and parks. Parents can share a few electrical safety basics with their children to ensure everyone remains safe and has a great summer.

There are fun ways to teach kids about electricity through interactive games and by reviewing our safety basics checklist with everyone in their family.


The safety list that should be gone over with the kids is below:


1. Be aware of power lines around you and always assume that wires are dangerous. Never touch an outdoor wire with any part of your body, toys or other objects.

2. Do not throw items such as shoes onto electric lines and equipment but most importantly DO NOT ever try to retrieve items from around aerial power lines. These lines contain 765,000 volts between conductors. That is very dangerous and will cause death

3. Fly kites, model airplanes, drones and other toys in large open areas like parks. Make sure you are safely away from trees and overhead power lines. Also, as stated above never try to retrieve anything from the overhead power lines. They produce a lot of electricity and that is very dangerous!

4. Do not climb trees near power lines. It is still not safe even if power lines are not touching the tree. They could eventually touch if more weight is added to a branch.

5. NEVER climb utility poles or play on or around electrical equipment.

6. NEVER post signs, banners or tie ribbons or balloons onto utility poles or other electrical equipment. This can be very dangerous!

7. NEVER go into an electrical substation. This could be deadly. Don’t let anyone trick you or dare you into entering a substation, this equipment contains high-voltage equipment which can kill you.

8. NEVER attempt to rescue a pet that goes into a substation or climbs on an electrical pole. You should always call your local utility company when this happens.

9. NEVER try and rescue family members, friends, or pets that has come into contact with any electrical equipment you should call 911 immediately!

10. ALWAYS keep electrical toys and appliances and tools at least 10 feet or more away from pools and wet surfaces. Also NEVER touch any electrical toys, appliances or tools while you are wet or standing in water. Energy flows easily through water, like a puddle or a pool.

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  • I really appreciate your tips to keep your children safe from electricity. I’d imagine that when it comes to electrical systems in businesses, we’re no more than children ourselves. If we ever have a major electrical issue at work, I’ll leave it to the professionals.


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