More Way To Spot A Bad Electrician

We have already written an article: How to Spot a Bad Electrician. This article is a follow up to that article. Everyone needs to be aware of things to look for in order to hire an electrician, or any type of contractor, that is not going to cause damage to your home. Hiring a bad electrician can be dangerous and very costly.


Do Not Rhow to spot a bad electrician imageush to Accept the Lowest Bid

Saving money is on everyone’s mind these days, however, when hiring an electrical contractor it is not always wise to accept the lowest bid. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the lowest bidding electrical company can be really good, however, it is good to do your research on the company before you accept the bid. If the bid is extremely lower compared to others that could be a bad sign. Talk to people, visit the company website, visit websites that collect reviews, or call the company and ask some simple questions. You can always get a feel for the company by calling and talking to someone. As stated in the previous article, if you feel the company is unappreciative or annoyed with your questions move on to another company. If the company cannot take the time to speak to you before you become a customer, they do not want your business and they are a bad electrician.


Electrical Contractor is Licensed and Insured

Verify the electrical contractor is licensed and insured. We explain how to verify a contractors license here. The electrical company must be insured in order to have a license in the State of New Mexico. If the company is not forthcoming with their license number the company may not even have a license. Hiring an electrician without a license can be very costly. If the electrician comes to your home and is unlicensed and hurts themselves in some way, they could sue you! Not only can they sue you but if you try to get a permit of any kind and it comes to light the contractor was not licensed all that work will have to redone whether the individual completed it correctly or not! To insure the electrician be sure to ask, because a licensed electrician will always be willing to share their license number.


Write a Contract

Beware of any contractor that does business with a handshake agreement or one that gives you a contract that’s overly open-ended and fails to set deadlines. Working in this field for over 30 years, Daniel’s Electric is very good at providing an accurate timeframe in which the work can be completed. If the electrician is unsure or leads you on as to when the work can be finished, they are a bad electrician. Yes sometimes things happen along the way like: materials not being delivered on time or weather for example, however, a good electrician, should know how long certain stages of projects will take and provide you with that timeframe. If it sounds like someone you have hired is coming up with many different excuses why the project isn’t done, it’s probably time to fire the contractor and find another one.


Sign A Contract

When doing major work the contract basically spells out the responsibilities of the contractor. What he will be doing to your home and the cost. If the electrical contractor wants to skip this that is a bad sign. It could mean he wants to keep everything in the dark and it could potentially mean he will try and charge you more later. Be sure to receive a list of work to be done. This should be standard procedure with a good contractor.


Don’t Allow the Contractor to Use Scare Tactics

Does the contractor use scare tactics to get you to install something you don’t want? This is a really bad sign. This means they are wanting more money out of you for something you probably don’t need. You should never be forced by fear to purchase something! This is not only a tactic used with electrical contractors but all contractors. If this ever happens to you, get a second opinion. DO NOT AGREE to the work before you get a second opinion from another company like, Daniel’s Electric. We never use scare tactics to swindle more money out of our customers. We try to be as up front as possible about the work we are doing in your home, if things come up we will always share that information with you!


These are 5 more ways to spot a bad electrician. If you ever have doubts or get a bad feeling about the electrical contractor do not ignore that. Always make sure to do research about the company you hire beforehand. Always ask if the company is licensed. Always ask questions. Always get a second opinion if something does not sound right. Don’t forget to check out our first 5 ways to spot a bad electrician with the link above. Feel free to contact Daniel’s Electric with any questions or concerns you may have.


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