How to Verify a Contractors License

How to verify a contractors license:

Verifying a contractors license is very important, not only for an electrical contractor but for any type of contractor. Hiring someone without a license can be very dangerous and very costly. We have discussed ways to spot bad electricians here and hereIt is very important to look for signs that may point to someone who is working on your home that should be. These articles are not intended to scare you, they are intended to inform you about the possibilities and how to protect yourself and your home from someone who is not licensed to work on your home.


Electrical Licsense

All licenses, including electrical licenses are public record. As stated in the articles above it is very important to ask contractors for their license number before you hire them. Verifying the license ensures they are licensed to do the job you will be hiring them to do.

If the contractor does not want to share their license number that is a very bad sign! If the contractor of any type does not want to share their license number, it would be good to look for another company.


Contractor shared license number, now what?

The contractor gave you their license number, now what do you do? You must verify that license. In New Mexico there is a website in which you can search to verify license numbers. Enter in the license number or the business name and search. It will display basic information about the company, such as the owner’s name, the type of license, date issued, and date expires. It is easier to search by license number because if you do not spell the company name exactly right it may not appear in search results.


Verify License

Check it out! Look up Daniel’s Electric! This should be stop number 1 before hiring any type of contractor.


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