Electrical Problems You Should Never Fix Yourself

There are some things electrical that you can be able to do yourself. There are other things, however, in which you should always call a professional such as those at Daniel’s Electric. For significant electrical complications, call us. These are electrical problems you should never fix yourself.


Flickering lights

Flickering lights can be caused by different things such as: a light bulb that isn’t tightened, bad electrical panel wiring or loose wiring. Changes in the voltage to the light fixture could also be a problem. Calling an electrician, in this situation, is the right thing to do. Daniel’s Electric will be able to identify the cause of the flickering lights and ensure all wiring is up to code. Visit danielselectricsantafe.com to learn more about what Daniel’s Electric can do to help you and your home!


Outlets That Don’t Work

Outlets that don’t work can be caused by many different things. Age, water damage, animals, loose or fault wiring can all be causes of outlets not working. If you notice your outlets not working in your home, sporadic or not, it is very important to call an electrician. Fixing it yourself can be dangerous, especially if more than one area is affected.

Burning Odor

A burning odor may be caused by a faulty kitchen appliance. It could also be a more serious problem such as an overloaded circuit or issues with your wiring. NEVER ignore a burning smell, as it can be one of the first signs of electrical fire. Always call someone and call ASAP if you smell burning. Master Electricians and find and properly fix the issue quickly to protect not only your home but your family.


Hot Fixtures

Never keep electrical items close to items that could catch fire. The light fixtures, for example, get very hot and could cause a fire. If you ever notice that the area around your light fixture or outlet is warm to the touch this could mean more electricity is flowing then is needed and the extra heat close to a curtain could easily catch fire. This can mean the wiring is faulty. Your whole electrical system should be looked at and fixed if any issues arise, and this could lead to serious injury to your home or family.


Circuit Breaker Trips

It is normal for circuit breakers to trip in some situations. The reason trips happen is to avoid overloading of electricity and to prevent a potential fire hazard. If the circuit breaker trips frequently and randomly, this usually means there is something more serious happening. In most cases, age and an electrical overload could be problematic. It is very dangerous and difficult to fix a circuit breaker on your own. If you suspect something is going on with your circuit breaker, the experts at Daniel’s Electric can easily check for faulty wiring to give you that piece of mind that your home is safe for you and your family.

This is a small and very specific list of electrical problems you should never fix yourself to ensure you stay safe in your home. The safety of your family is top priority. If you are unsure of what is happening in your home or you would just like a consultation to ensure your home is up to code, call Daniel’s Electric today for that piece of mind. 505.473.4735. To view the services Daniel’s Electric offers please click here.


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