Fun and Safe Electrical Experiments for Kids Experiment 1

Daniel’s Electric is always about Electrical Safety but learning about electricity through electrical experiments is always fun.

View our post about Electrical Safety here: Electrical Safety for Kids and Their Parents and here: Summer Electrical Safety Tips for Kids to view how to teach your kid about electrical safety and some things that every child and adult should know about electricity.

Be sure to view the articles above before beginning any electrical experiments.


Experiment 1 – Static Electricity

What you’ll need:

2 inflated balloons with string attached
Your hair
Aluminium can
Woolen fabric


Rub the 2 balloons one by one against the woolen fabric. Try moving the balloons together, and what do you find out? Are they un-attracted to each other? Rub one of the balloons back and forth on your hair, then slowly pull it away. Look in the mirror! You will see the effect the balloon had on your hair. Now put the aluminum can on its side on a table nearby, after rubbing the balloon on your hair again hold the balloon close to the can and watch the can roll towards the balloon. What happens if you slowly move the ballon away from the can? The can will follow the balloon.

What’s happening?

Let’s go over what is happening. Rubbing the balloons against your hair creates static electricity. What this means is that the electrons become negatively charged will jump to positively charged object. When rubbing the balloon against your hair you don’t just mess your hair up 🙂 the electrons become negatively charged because they have taken electrons from your hair and left them positively charged.

They say opposites attract and that is certainly the case in these experiments, your positively charged hair is attracted to the negatively charged balloon and starts to rise up to meet it. This is similar to the aluminium can which is drawn to the negatively charged balloon as the area near it becomes positively charged, once again opposites attract.


Experiment reference: You can also find other non electrical experiments here.



**Note Electrical experiments should ALWAYS be done with an adult and Daniel’s Electric is not liable for any mishaps that could happen if not being safe while going through these Electrical Experiments. When you do Electricity experiments NEVER use the electricity from a plug because that is very dangerous!! Stay tuned for more fun electrical experiments to do with your kids.


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