Window Tinting and Your Electrical Bill

How can Window Tinting Help you?

In New Mexico there is an average of 278 days of sun. This includes 167 days of complete sun and 111 days of partial sun, window tinting has become increasingly popular in recent years because of the benefits. There are many benefits of window tinting for example cutting cooling costs, reducing heat and glare, and reducing the effects of harmful UV rays.

Cut Cooling Costs

Approximately half of utility costs come from loss of heat through windows. The increase of utility costs can also occur from heat through untreated windows. Tinting your home windows can improve energy efficiency significantly and you could save on your cooling costs during summer.

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Reducing Heat and Glare

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Tinting home windows can make activities such as working on a computer and watching tv more enjoyable because glare is reduced. Keeping curtains closed constantly would be a thing of the past! With window tinting opening curtains allows sunlight to enter without the glare. During the summer excessive heat enters through the windows, making electrical costs higher to cool to your home. Tinting your home or business windows reduces the amount of heat entering through windows, which lowers the overall cost of cooling your home or business.




Reduces the Effects of Harmful UV Rays

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UV rays are very powerful. Not only can UV rays eventually ruin the paint on a car it can also fade things in your home, such as fabrics, furniture, and artwork. Tinting your windows could potentially block up to 99.9% of all UVA and UVB rays. Reducing the amount of UVA rays that enter your home will help to preserve your furniture, artwork, and fabrics.







Help Protect Your Family

Yes, tinting your windows can help protect your family. Accidents happen especially when glass is involved. The tint on the windows can help to keep the glass in place which will help protect your family from storms, accidents, or break-ins. Tinting your homes windows can also help to deter would be thieves, as they would not be able to clearly see inside your home to view the valuables you may have inside.

Window Tinting – Things to Consider


During the day privacy is not an issue, however, at night window tint will not prevent people passing by from seeing inside your home if your lights are on. You still need curtains.


As stated above tinting your home windows will definitely help you save on your electrical bill in the summer months. The tint will keep the sun out of your home during winter as well, which could in turn increase your electrical bill because you will have to run the heater more frequently if it’s cold. Upgrading your windows from single pane to double pane or triple pane could also help to offset this in the winter months.


Window tinting your homes is an investment. The cost all depends on the number of windows and regardless of where you live tinting your windows is not exactly cheap. If you spend more money on cooling costs then heating costs tinting your windows is something to consider.

Unlikely to Increase Value of your Home

Although window tinting has become increasingly popular a lot of people still remain unconvinced of it’s benefits. This will result in an individual not wanting to pay more for your home just because the windows are tinted, if you ever decide to sell.


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