Electrical Holiday Safety Tips

Holidays are quickly approaching, and with that comes the tradition of decorating ones home. Holidays are a time for family and friends, not the time to worry. We will be discussing some Electrical Holiday Safety Tips to ensure the holidays are nothing but happy. Be sure to check out our Winter Electrical Safety Tips to learn some safety tips for the winter season.

Electrical Holiday Safety Tips


Safety Tip #1

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Do not overload electrical outlets. Overloading outlets could potentially cause outages or electrical fires.

Always be sure to inspect the decorations before plunging them in to ensure there are no loose wire connections.

Safety Tip #2



When hanging lights outside use a wooden ladder.

Metal ladders conduct electricity and could potentially be harmful.




Safety Tip #3

When decorating outside your home be sure to get decorations that are rated for outdoor use. Outdoor decorations are able to withstand various types of weather such as snow and rain.



Safety Tip #4



Add additional circuits or outlets to your home by a qualified electrician, like those at Daniel’s Electric, to avoid using extension cords. Extension cords are to be used temporarily. If using an extension cord outdoors be sure it is rated to be used outdoors.





Safety Tip #5

When changing bulbs on your decorations be sure to unplug them first. This is a good practice to do when changing any type of electrical light. The metal conductors could cause electric shock if not unplugged first.


Safety Tip #6

Be sure to plug all outdoor lights and decorations into a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to reduce the risk of electric shock. You can purchase portable GFCIs for outdoor use at any electrical supply store.


Safety Tip #7

Always place your tree at least 3 feet away from all heat sources. These include fireplaces and space heaters.

Safety Tip #8

Make sure to elevate the plugs of any cords you use that are running across the ground. This will help to keep snow, water, and debris out of the plug which could cause damage and shorts.


Safety Tip #9

plug-1459663_1280If you have an older home with only two-pronged outlets it’s time to upgrade. The older style outlets don’t protect against electrocution like the standard 3 pronged outlets. Also adding more outlets to your home is a good idea for the holidays because extension cords are not intended for long time use. If you overload an extension cord or power strip it could cause power outages and power surges. You can avoid these issues just by upgrading and adding new outlets. Make this holiday season worry free and upgrade your outlets with Daniel’s Electric today!


Safety Tip #10

Inspect all your lights that you intend to use. Make sure no wires are exposed. There are no damaged sockets. Ensure connections are not loose. This will help prevent electrical shock and fire. Always follow the manufactures use and care instructions.


Did you know that one of every three home holiday tree fires is caused by electrical problems associated with the lights hanging on them. This is information from the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA).

More Electrical Holiday Safety Tips


Safety Tip #11

Do not use anymore than three standard-size sets of lights per single extension cord.

Safety Tip #12

ALWAYS be sure to turn off all lights before going to bed or leaving your home. This will help reduce the risk of fire due to electrical issues.


Safety Tip #13

Be sure to only use lights that have been tested for safety. Typically the lights will come with a small tag on them to indicate they have been tested in an independent testing laboratory.




Safety Tip #14



Modern lights now have fused plugs. This helps to prevent sparks in case of a short. If you do not have lights that have the fused plugs, throw those out and invest in some new lights. The fused lights are safer to have.




Safety Tip #15

Do not ever use tacks, nails, or screws to keep lights in place. They could pierce the cable and become electrified. It’s safer to use insulated hooks.


Safety Tip #16


If you decide to buy an artificial tree, make sure to buy one that is fire retardant. Keep in mind this does not mean the tree won’t or can’t catch fire, what this means is that IF the tree does catch fire it will resists burning and can be extinguished quickly.






Safety Tip #17

If you decide to buy a real tree, make sure to find a fresh tree. Keep the tree watered so it doesn’t dry out. If you let the tree dry out it increases the possibility of the tree catching fire from an electrical spark.


Safety Tip #18

Saving money and using the lights from last year, ALWAYS inspect the lights to ensure no wires have been frayed or chewed and their are no loose wires. If there are loose wires throw the lights!


Safety Tip #19

If you are using extension cords check the cords for heat every so often. If they are hot to the touch turn off and unplug the cord right away.


Safety Tip #20

If you have to replace a light bulb in a string of lights be sure to use the correct wattage. Using a wattage that is too high could cause the light string to overheat, causing a fire risk.


These are just some holiday electrical safety tips. Keep your home and your family safe! If you are unsure if you have the power needed for your holiday lights be sure to call Daniel’s Electric and we will be sure to make sure your home is ready for the added use of electricity. Remember to stay safe and remember the Electrical Holiday Safety Tips.


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